Xtreme SEO Solutions ripped me off for $5,000.00!

Stafford Springs, Connecticut 0 comments

Xtreme SEO Solutions of New Jersey, Ripped me off for $5,000.00.

This company is supposed to clear your Internet reputation for a fee. Someone had posted many false complaints about my company and my reputation was taking a serious hit. A representative from Xtreme SEO Solutions called me and told me they could remove all negative complaints on all search engines. They guaranteed results! All I had to do is sign a contract, give them my credit card number to pay the $5,000.00 fee up front and they would take care of the rest. They told me it would take 2 weeks to see the results. It has been 1 month since I payed them to do the job. Nothing has changed. I've tried calling for a refund or an explanation, but I never get a return call or response.

These people are bad. They should be put in jail for fraud! All I can say to anyone who is thinking of doing business with them is, "Run fast. Stay away from them. You will only loose money."

I hope this helps.

Review about: Internet Reputation Repair.

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